Beer's Law Lab

Brianna Whitaker period 3

Pre -Lab Information

Aunt Elda died during her surgery. The goal of this lab is to determine if the reason Aunt Elda died was due to receiving the incorrect amount of anesthesia. The percentage of anesthesia she received in unknown. The normal percentage is 40%.
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Each lab group needs a Colorimeter to monitor the amount of light that travels through each substance. There are six different concentrations to be tested. The concentrations are 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60%. After the data points are collected for each percentage, the groups need to test the unknown concentration.

Beer's Law Lab Graph

Open link and then hit download to view the graph


Aunt Elda's unknown anesthesia percentage was about 31%. This is below the normal percentage, but is higher than 10%. This helps conclude that the anesthesia didn't cause her death; however, Elda could have woken up during her surgery and could have had other health issues that came along with waken up such as a stroke or a heart attack.

How To Make a 60% Solution

You will have what is called a solute and also a solvent. The solute is the green liquid that is provided. The solvent is the water that will be added into the solute to create the solution.

To make a 60% solution you will need 6 mL of the solute and 4 mL of the solvent. 6 mL plus 4 mL equals 10 mL or 60% plus 40% equals 100%

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