Adventures in 4th

October 2019

Upcoming Events

1 Boo Grams

3 CFA Spirit Night 5:00-8:00

7 Teacher Workday

8-11 Fall Break

16 Report Cards

17 Tigers of Tomorrow Begins

20 Freaky 5K 3PM

21-25 Bus Appreciation Week

25 Fall Festival

28-1 Red Ribbon Week

29 Santa Pictures

30 Drug Dog Assembly

Red Ribbon Dress Up Days

Monday October 28th - Pajama Day

Tuesday October 29th - Dress for Success

Wednesday October 30th - Decade Day & Drug Dog Assembly

Thursday October 31st - Book Character Dress Up Day

Friday November 1st - Freedom Day - Dress up red, white, and blue

Tiger of the Month: Self-Awareness

Big picture
Friday, October 25th

5:00-8:-00 PM

Ways to get involved:

  • donate candy (DUE 10/22) - homeroom contest for donations with free wristbands and tickets as prizes
  • sign up to work a booth that night - we will send out a sign up soon

*Rice: Cake Walk

*Garner: Pumpkin Golf

*Acord: Pop-a-Pumpkin

  • donate to our grade level basket for the Basket Raffle - Tailgating Theme

*If you are interested in being a VENDOR, print the form below and send to school in your child's Tiger Tracker. If you need a printed copy, please reach out to your homeroom teacher. We are happy to help!

What We Are Learning

ELA/ Reading

In ELA we are using a new program called Wit and Wisdom. Our goal is to align our reading, writing, and language arts standards to help students generate ideas and become both fluent readers and writers. In September we will focus on the following standards:

We will read both literature and informational books as we focus on our essential question, “How do the characters in "Love that Dog" exhibit a great heart?”

Students will begin working on narrative writing.

Language Arts-
Our grammar bootcamp focus this month is parts of speech prepositional phrases.

We will use our 4C’s throughout the month to collaborate, communicate, show creativity, and use critical thinking skills in groups and individually.

Vocabulary: literal, figurative, main idea, key details, focus statement


Learning Targets:

- Multiplying and divide by multiples of 10's: 10,100, and 1,000. - Multiplying multi-digit numbers (up to 4 digit numbers by single digit number) - multiplying double digit by double digits. - Solving multi-step word problems with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing- Reasoning with divisibilities , Factors, Composite number and prime numbers - Solve division problems with and without remainders.

Please remind students to be here every day! We complete a new math lesson every day.

Vocabulary: product, multiples, factors, dividend, divisor, remainders, composite number, prime number, divisible, difference, sum, quotient.

Science and Social Studies


Unit: Weather

Learning Targets:

  • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to demonstrate the water cycle
  • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information using weather charts, maps and data to predict weather

Vocabulary: solid, liquid, gas, water vapor, condensation, precipitation, evaporation, water cycle,

Social Studies

Unit: Challenges of a New Nation

Learning Targets

    • analyze the challenges faced by the framers of the Constitution
    • describe the meaning of the federal government
    • explain the importance of freedoms granted by the First Amendment
    • describe the structure of the government and the Bill of Rights

    Vocabulary: Constitution, amendment, federal, government

    Links & Websites

    PES Intranet

    We have created a PES intranet with websites students use here at school as well as sites that could be beneficial to use at home. Each grade level has a tab with grade specific sites. Simply click on the image and it will take you to the website.

    Big picture

    Accelerated Reader

    View student progress in the AR program: points earned, bookshelf - books read, student AR quiz scores, etc.

    UN: Student's STAR/AR login

    PW: Student's lunch #

    Meet the Team!