my Mount Rushmore


It is called Mount Rushmore National Memorial.The faces of four Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.Are carved into the Memoria.It was designed by Gutzon Borglum. Mt. Rushmore is located near Keystone, South Dakota .It was finished in 1941.If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of the following people, who are important to me carved into the granite : my grandma, Gayle Brownfield my Grandpa Jim Brownfield Creighton Hirschfield and my mom Jamie Royal.

My grandma

The first person that I would carve into the granite would be my grandma,Gayle Brownfield.She she taught me a lot of good grandma helps me with my homework.she taught me how to bake. And she makes the best apple and pumpkin pie - ever!