Russia News

this may or may not be by Jackson Schmidt

Era Of Change

The Russian Revolution has ended. V.I. Lenin (shown below) and the Bolsheviks have won. The new government style, Communism, has begun. Communism is when there is no upper class and no lower class. Everyone is equal. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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Tragedy At Chernobyl

Recently, Chernobyl, a power plant in Ukraine, has exploded. A huge radioactive cloud was created. 30 people have died and thousands of people have started to have health problems. Many materials are in half-life. A high amount of people are living in contaminated land. When will this fallout end?

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Railroad Of Promise

The new Trans-Siberian Railroad was recently built. Created to connect Moscow and Vladivostok, the railroad began construction in 1891. The terrain and climate made construction difficult. To make the railroad, peasants, criminals, and soldiers were enlisted. They worked long hours and it was extremely hot.
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