The woman between cultres


She was born in agaidik a (salmon eater) tribe of Lemhi Shoshone. Was thought to have died around 1812 around 20 years of age, but there is a oral tradition that she moved on and died in 1884 though there is little evidence of this some people still go by this theory.


In the 1800's when she was around 12 years old, she and several other girls were kidnapped by a gun wielding tribe known as the Hidatsa(also known as minnetarees) out matched the Shoshone lost the battle along with the girls.


None known

Important life events

She joined the lewis and clark company as a translater

She saw a whale


she was able to care for a baby and a husband while being able to translate and help lead them though the west.

Lead lewis and clark through the west, through the west and back.


contributions to change

By helping map out the west she helped the country grow westward.

Interesting facts

Sacagawea's real birth name is unknown

she had two kids.