This is about Me.

Sergio Puentes

This project is about me.

This Smore Flyer is to explain to people about my self. People might want to know things about me.

These are facts about me.

1. I like to play sports.

2. I like to play out side a lot.

3. I have gone out for every sport that is available around here at least once.

this is what like to watch.

When Taunting Goes Wrong

Videos i like.

I like videos like this because when I make my self look dumb these people make them selves look dumber.


Payphone (Clean) by Maroon-5

This is pretty cool

This is a dog posing for a painting
Big image


This is a picture of a plane passing a statue giving the image that the statue has a hold of the plane
Big image

These are ordinary peoople putting there minds to it.


More Mexico.

I was having fun in Mexico.
Big image

The zoo.

This is when the Goose bit me.
Big image
Big image


I didn't know what was going on.
Big image


This is our family picture.
Biggest mismatch in boxing ends with a surprise KO!

More facts about me.

1.I like food.

2.I have some great friends.

3.I like to "work" with my dad.

I like basketball.

I like to play basketball because it challenges me. Its demanding physically .It is also very fun.



Saturday, Oct. 31st, 9am

Plains, KS, United States

Plains, KS

More facts.

1.I am 12 years old.

2.I like the color green

3.I am a Jr.