Geothermal energy

By Jackson Oves, Ashlyn Robinson and Mason doss

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is when water that is heated by the earth is moved through a tunnel past a turbine which produces electricity.

history of geothermal energy

The start of geothermal energy was started by the discovery of hot springs in 1807 in the area which is now Yellowstone national park. The hot springs were first used to fill bathtubs and they only costed a dollar. Some people called these hot springs the "gates to hell". In 1852 the first hotel called The Geysers Resort Hotel used the hot springs as a spa. In 1904 prince Pireo Ginori Conti was the first to harness the power of electricity powered by geysers. since then geothermal plants have popped up all over the globe except for Antarctica.