Leanna Lovely

Elementary Education

Important People/ Pets

I'm an only child so it is just me, my parents, and my two cats! My extended family and friends are also very important to me!!!

My people!

My favorite memories from elementary school were in second grade. My mom had to be at work early so I would go to my teachers class an hour early and help her set up in the morning all through fifth grade!

Why education?

I always liked school growing up and my second grade teacher was the one who really got me interested in being a teacher. I am a total people person and I think younger people are filled with possibility and I want to be able to provide that guidance for young minds! I was in a Waldorf program as a very small child and then went to public school for the duration, but that experience made me interested in alternate forms of education as well! I also studied abroad and am now interested in incorporating my understanding of the Spanish language and culture into teaching!