Pros and Cons

Pros, why you should annex

3 of the probably biggest reasons that Texas wanted to annex was for protection against Mexico, a postal system, a money system, and most of all the U.S. could help us with our debt. The treaty of April 1844 would make Texas a territory of the U.S; but shockingly it did not pass by a majority vote of 2/3. With James K. Polk getting elected in 1844, who was pro annexation, this made America pro annexation, so Texas overwhelmingly passed and annexed into the U.S. on February 26, 1845.

Cons, why you shouldn't annex

Mexico didn't recognize Texas as an independent republic, but at the last moment, before we annexed Mexico said if we didn't annex they would recognize us as a republic. also some American officials already didn't want us annexing because we were a slave state. And one of the biggest things that Texas was concerned about was our debt of 7 million dollars.