Writer's Weekly News

What's Going on in Mrs. Reynolds' Writing Class

What's happening in Mrs. Reynolds' Writing Class....

  • Tuesday, February 16, 2016- Benchmark Practice Starr Writing Test Closed Campus
  • We are finishing up our What to do on a Friday evening expository pieces.
  • This week we will start a piece on a something we would like to do one day.
  • Students are currently typing their animal expository pieces.

Coming Soon!

Look for...

  1. Publishing of our 1st expository essays over an animal!
  2. Our 2nd expository essay will be about our what to on a Friday evening...
  3. Practice Starr Writing Test- February 16th.
  4. Open House March 3rd.
  5. Early Release March 4th.
  6. Spring Break March 7th-11th.
  7. Camp Write Along- March 23rd-25th.
  8. Writing STARR Test March 29th- Close Campus

Amber Reynolds

Mrs. Reynolds 4th grade

Austin Field Trip

Last week in Thursday Folders

Students recieved a note about the Austin Field Trip!!

Please get those back ASAP!

Don't forget to pay $20.00 for students to attend the Austin Field Trip.

Writing MAP Test...

Last week students took their MOY map test...A map test is an individual based test to see how much students have grown and to see their strengths and weaknesses. I use the data to work with students on their individual needs....

The students without a doubt ROCKED the MAP TEST Last week! I am proud of their hard work and growth!