Weekly Message from Mrs. Owens

January 5th-8th

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school after what I hope was a wonderful and exciting winter break spent with family and friends. The second half of the school year is well underway as I've noticed ALL students actively engaged in learning. I am excited about the educational challenges that lay ahead of us and know you will continue to assist in efforts that make our school the best it can be. RISE ABOVE THE REST!

This and That

  • Entering & Exiting the cafeteria.....please remember to be on time as the duty teachers try and release students to the playground/gym a couple of minutes before your arrival in order to avoid a traffic jam. If you come early, then it makes it difficult for everyone to enter and exit effectively.
  • Rick Pierce Visit January 13th....here is what he is looking for this time.....
  • --practice #16. Please have the visitor greeter practice showing me where to sit.
  • --practice #5. Think about how you can couple critical thinking with complete sentences/address by name and also perhaps with the turn and talk structure (practice #15).
  • Lock down Drill January 14th...I would like students lined up behind you against their cubbies like officer Diehl recommended
  • The site tech reps are now being moved around each semester in order to familiarize themselves with other buildings and staff. That being said, Martin will no longer be with us. Kaleb is our new site tech rep.
  • Please remember that if you are absent or in a meeting and can't complete your assigned duty, you will need to get it covered by another teacher.