My Work Out

1: Jumping on Trampoline

My first activity I do will strengthens my legs using muscle endurance. I jump on the trampoline wich helps make my legs stronger by working my thighs. If my legs get stronger I can run faster and longer.

2: Pull-ups

 My next activty I do is pull-ups. I do at least 5 pull-ups every time. They strengthen my arms so I can lift heavier things.

3: Wall Sit

MY next activity is called the wall sit. It is were you sit against the wall for 10 to 15 seconds for five reputitions. it strengthens your legs so you can be faster and go longer.

4: Sit ups

This activity called the sit-ups helps with legs and endurance. I usually do them in 15 each rep for 5 reps.

5: ArmRaise

This is called the ArmRaise. It helps with endurance and arm strengthening. I do 3 per rep with 4 reps.

6: Push -ups

The next activity is called a push-up. I can do 10 per rep with 5 reps. These help with arm strength.

7: Running

This exercise is called running. It helps you with endurance and leg strength. I run for at least 15 mins.

8: Dumb Bell Lifting

This is called Dumb bell lifting. It helps with your legs and arm strength. I do 1 each rep for 4 reps.