State Government Project

By: Erian Brown

Representative in Coppell?

Congressman Kenny Marchant

Congressional District 24

Information about Kenny Marchant

Marchant has lived around Dallas most of his life. Kenny worked as a real estate agent and owned a home building company before entering the political world. He has been apart of the political world since 2004 but really started getting involved recently. He has four children, his son is also apart of the political world.

Demographic Information

  • 2,870 students attend coppell high school
  • 97% of people range from age 18-64
  • Around 69% of people in coppell attained a college degree
  • The rest of the state has around 30% who have a college degree
  • Most citizens in coppell work in the medical field
  • Compared to the state as citizens work in the educational field


  • Medical board
  • Austin TexasTexas

Mission statement

" our mission is to protect and enhance the publics health, safety and welfare by establishing and maintaing standards of excellence used in regulating the practice of medicine and ensuring quality health care for the citizens of Texas through licensure discipline and education.

3 examples of the impact they have

They help customers gain knowledge on doctors they might use

They help people find out how to gain copies of there medical records

They help individuals know a reasonable price to pay for

Jobs available on this board include

A legal Assistant

A programmer

Compliance officer

Permit specialist