Shimmering Shrimp

By: Trayee Jha


Shrimp: One of the smallest creatures in the ocean but an immense key in the incredible balance of the ocean sea creatures. Shrimp are considered one of the most paramount creatures in the ocean ecosystem. These underwater critters have very intriguing habitats, appearances, and diets.


As you can see, shrimp are majestic creatures of the deep. Their appealing habitats are sure to intrigue you. Their enthralling appearances are truly fascinating. Their delicious diets will definitely interest you. These captivating critters, though sometimes delicous, are definitely majestic, magnificent, and interesting.

Think Tank

Shrimp Poem

I wrote two informative haikus. In these two haikus, I have information about shrimp habitats, diets, and appearances. I also included a few fun facts.
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Shrimp Comic

In this informative comic I have a blue whale and a shrimp. I tried to add some humor to the comic.
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Shrimp Word Wall

In the is shrimp word wall, I have included many phrases that are very interesting. They tell you facts like "stun prey".
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Go Fish

In the "Go Fish" workshop, I got to create a fish tank by buying necessities, decor, and fish of my choosing under a budget of $250. In my 20 gallon fish tank, I bought six fish. I decided on buying six fish because then I will have a variety of fish in my tank so that I will never get bored looking at my fish tank. I also decided not to have a theme for my tank and just buy what looked appealing to me. I did this because I wanted everything to look different so that all my fish would stand out. My favorite fish in my tank is the dwarf gourami. I liked this fish because it is a colorful fish that is also playful, calm, and a fast swimmer. I bought one of this type of fish. I also bought one balloon belly molly fish because this fish had a cool pattern on it that reminded me of the cool patterns that I like to draw. I also bought an albino cory catfish because I like looking at catfish because of their fins. I bought one Australia rainbow fish, one bloodfin tetra, and one fancy guppy because all those fosh are very colorful. In total, I spent $16.40 on fish and $166.18 on fish tank supplies.
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Shrimp Diorama

In this diorama, I have included a shrimp and 6 other animals. The shrimp is standing on a rock. The shrimp is #1. #2 is a clam. #3 is a hammerhead shark. #4 is a giant squid. #5 is a blue whale. #6 is a sea star. #7 is a jellyfish. #8 is coral.
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