By: Gabino Garcia, Steven Leach, Josh Torres

California Gold Rush

  • The California Gold Rush is a significant part of the United States history, it brought people from all over the country to California in the search for gold.
  • Many of these people made the long difficult journey across the country, and much of it was covered by wagons.
  • At first, gold was easy to find, but later, it became more difficult and gold-seekers had to use different techniques such as "panning for gold".
  • As the Gold Rush continued it turned San Francisco from a small settlement of a few hundred people later it became a "boom-town" of about 36,000. While the city continued to grow roads were being built along with churches and schools.
  • This also helped the western side of the country to grow and expand.

E-Commerce History

  • When the internet was created, it unleashed a network that could communicate with anyone around the world with a connection.
  • Power to transmit ideas digitally became the ability to buy and sell goods and services, we call E-Commerce
  • As far back as the 60's, companies used computers to conduct certain electronic transactions- in which they could share documents to one another.
  • Mid 80's, a network service called CompuServe created the Electronic Mall
  • Online users could purchase products directly from retailers via the internet
  • World wide web was created, wasn't long before customers could begin buying items by simply typing in a credit card number
  • As technology improved up until the internet boom of the 90's, there were two new players of the E-Commerce game: Amazon and eBay.
  • Amazon, originally an online book store, utilized a search feature that helped users find what they wanted.
  • The first item sold on eBay, an online auction website, was a broken laser pointer.
  • Brought together customers and sellers
  • eBay and Amazon were fundamental in the development of E-Commerce, and how producers and consumers make online transactions even today.

Similarities of Gold Rush and E- Commence

Both the California Gold Rush and the Beginnings of E-Commerce:

  • United people from all over the world to a common interest.
  • Once the Gold Rush and the internet started, people kept finding ways to use new, innovative technology. Examples of this are hydraulic mining and web browsing.
  • Gold miners and people who are interested in buying and selling items online were attracted to the idea of being able to obtain what they wanted or needed in an easier, more convenient way.

Differences Of Gold Rush and E- Commerce

  • Gold Rush happened in the 19th century while E-Commerce started in the 20th century.
  • During the Gold Rush, they were searching for gold.
  • With E-Commerce, they were creating ideas and technology to make our lives easier.
  • The Gold Rush had a definite beginning and end, while E-Commerce will be around forever and will be constantly evolving and changing.