Hi! Time for my daily check-in! ;)

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I added you to the event and made you a host. Now we invite those who said they wanted an invitations! I also wanted to make sure you’re in the loop on our host rewards for the month. Here’s the chart of rewards you can expect. Definitely start yourself a wish list now! If you aim to get 8-12 orders you will want to get a new bookshelf! LOL! We find this is pretty easy with 25 ish people RSVPing, so keep connecting with your friends you invited that have not RSVPed yet after you invite them. You might send a message like this to them:

Just wanted to let you know I sent you the invite to my book party. Here is the direct link. You will want to RSVP “GOING” to be sure to be in on the fun and free book drawings! Super excited! :) Thanks!


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Now would be a great time for you to pop on and make another post on your page – tag a couple friends and mention a book you think they’d love, or share one that your kids have really loved and/or want. Have fun with it!

Share photos of your family, photos of your kids reading, links to your favorite Usborne Books, and comments about the books as much as possible.