Genetically Modified Organisms

What is a GMO?

GMOs are genetically modified organisms, more specifically, genetically modified foods. Scientists have engineered a way for foods to turn out just the way they are wanted, whether through taste, size, or successful growth.

The benefits are numerous! Foods will have a longer shelf life, and even cause less weight gain. One day, scientists hope to modify certain foods to contain more vitamins and minerals.

Environmentally Friendly

GMOs create a more economically-sound environment. Farmers would no longer have to use fertilizers or pesticides to increase the level of success of crops. Plants would grow a certain height, need a certain amount of water, and repel pests from eating or harming them. Every detail would be planned down to the second they are harvested. Also, they are able to save resources that are already scarce in the environment.

What's not to love? Go with GMO today!