By: Tushig Tsogtbaatar

What is Fraud?

Fraud is intentional deception for gain. There are many types of fraud on the internet. The major three ones are phishing or smishing, retail/auction, and work at home. All frauds trick people into thinking of something else to be left with nothing.

What does Fraud Look Like?

Fraud has many looks. There are fake emails making people write their personal/account information. Other fraud are buying something online but receiving nothing. The last one is having a kit or components for having jobs that can be work at home. These aren't true but to only trick people.

How to Avoid Fraud

To avoid dangerous fraud do not reply to emails with personal information. Before clicking the link research institutions. When buying online items look at customer ratings. Lastly, if any of the fraud is too good to be true, don't fall for it.