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A note from Mrs. Bontrager:

Hello parents of Mrs. Fitzgerald's fabulous 3rd grade class!

My name is Mrs. Bontrager (some students call me Mrs. B) and I am your child's student teacher until May 6th. I am thrilled to be apart of this learning community and have already seen each students' uniqueness shine through in just three short weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to share a bit about myself. I am a Transition to Teaching student from Anderson University. Prior to my switch to teaching, I worked as a mental health therapist within school, private practice, and community settings. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I made the switch to teaching because I realized through my therapy experience that I love to teach children the skills and knowledge they need to be successful citizens in society. I am learning as much as I can from Mrs. Fitzgerald and her students and I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at:

Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

We are headed into February! Boy, this year is flying. This upcoming week we will review main idea and details and work on summarizing, both verbally and written. The kids will be learning about narrative nonfiction as we read some stories together about bats, Jane Goodall, as well as others. We will continue to practice some skills that are great actions for readers and also good practice for upcoming tests. We will look at ordering events, inferring character traits, and identifying cause and effect. We will also continue to work on writing responses to literature. I can see a great improvement in the students' abilities in this area.

Our word study this week will focus on synonyms and antonyms. Students will work on identifying when words are synonyms/antonyms as well as coming up with their own. Such as, what is an antonym for cold: warm. You can practice at home too!!

Please remember to keep reading at home. This is truly the best 'homework' that can be done! Reading a story together and discussing it is a great way to see the level of understanding in your student. At the end of a chapter have them summarize the most important points.

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

The kids are getting close to publish their stories. They are writing their paragraphs and elaborating on ideas. Our next step is to look at introductions and conclusions. We will also talk about plagiarism. They will begin editing with writing partners and looking deeply at their own writing to see where their greatest need is. They each have set personal goals in both reading and writing. I am going to be talking to each student about their goal and how they are working to reach it. The goals include, working on creating strong introductions, working on adding interesting details, and working on creating dynamic conclusions that readers will remember.

They are learning a lot about the stamina of a writer. I am proud of the work I see.

We will have another writing celebration for these stories. I am working on scheduling it.

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

In math workshop we are working on fractions. We had a great time working with m&m's and writing fractions for each color. Next week we will look at equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, as well as fractions greater than one. We will also look at real life problem solving with fractions. I will be connecting fractions with time and money as well.

Ways to help practice fractions at home: cooking together and using a measuring cup, working with money together, and finding fractions in real life.

I plan on spending some time to review some mathematical concepts that I have seen the kids need. Telling time as well as elapsed time, area vs perimeter, and subtraction with regrouping. I will work these concepts into problem solving as well.

Specials Next Week:

Library -Tuesday - Please remind student to bring books from home! We have several students forgetting every week!

M - PE

T - Tech

W - Art

Th - Music

Fri - PE

Movie Night

This upcoming Friday is movie night at Hinkle Creek. If your child wants to attend, please send in the money and registration by Wednesday. Friday has also been declared a PJ day at Hinkle. We will show our school spirit and get comfy in our PJ's together.

Yearbook Orders

Yearbook order forms are due by this upcoming Friday.

Valentines Party

The following is a link to our last holiday party of the year.!/showSignUp/10c094baca62aa2ff2-mrs1

Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

Reaching Mrs. Fitz

Don't forget to ask to follow our class account on Twitter. I post several pictures a week!