Arthur Currie

By: Brandon Sattan

Sir Arthur Currie

Sir Arthur Currie was a soldier, educator, and commander. He was born on December 5, 1875 in Adelaide, Ontario, and died on November 30, 1933 in Montreal, Quebec City.He was the first Canadian commander of the Canadian Corps and one of the most talented generals during World War One.

Brigade Commander

Sir Arthur Currie; later referred to Sir Arthur Curry became commander of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade, After training in England, Currie led his troops to France in February 1915, in which very shortly thereafter he and his men faced the first of multiple German gas attacks at Ypres. It is this occurrence where Canadians and Sir Arthur Currie made a mark because they stood their ground with courage not willing to give up or back down.

The 1st Canadian Division

Sir Arthur Currie became the commander of the 1st Canadian Division in September, 1915. In June 1916, Sir Arthur Currie took his division and participated in a well-planned and successful counterattack against forces of the Germans at a location called Mount Sorrel. Later in the year, the Canadian Corps entered the Battle of the Somme which resulted in heavy losses, the same thing happened to Currie`s division. Nevertheless, the Canadians proved their determination at the Battle of Vimy Ridge which was executed well by Currie that led to a victory for them.
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Commander of the Canadian Corps

Sir Arthur Currie became the first Canadian to command the Canadian Corps on June 9, 1914. He led the Canadian Corps to multiple victories including the battle of Amiens, Cambrai, and a hard-won victory at Hill 70 which was named because it was 70 meters above sea level. He is best known for his leadership and planning skills during a campaign called the Hundred Days which resulted to a defeat of Germany and the end of the war. Sadly, the Canadian Corps lost thousands of soldiers which persuaded others to believe that Sir Arthur was a "cold- hearted leader" who didn't care about his soldiers and only about his reputation.

One of the Greatest Generals of World War One

Sir Arthur Currie is well- known for his strengths in planning, and preparing for war. Multiple leaders like the British wartime Prime Minister believed that he was a brilliant military commander.
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Sir Arthur Currie was heavily blamed for his decisions in the final days of war which led to several Canadian deaths. This took a toll on him as he suffered a couple strokes before he died.