MES NEWS! 5/8/2022

From Ms. Kapuchuck

A Weekly Glimpse into What's Happening at McGaheysville Elementary!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms, grandmothers, and mother figures in the MES community! I hope all of you feel celebrated, loved, and appreciated today and every day! So many sweet Mother's Day gifts were made in our school this past week. I still have all of those gifts my children have made over the years and they mean more to me than any gift that could be purchased from a store! I know our students were so excited to take those gifts home!

This Wednesday is Nurse Appreciation Day! Nurse Marie goes above and beyond to take care of our students! She is always so calm, nurturing, and on top of it! We will be celebrating her this week at school!

Standards of Learning Tests begin this week for students in grades 3-5. As a parent, I know this can be a stressful time for students. Please remind your child that all they need to do is to try their best. A test score does not define a child and this should not be a source of worry for any of our students. How can you help? Just as you usually would, make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast each morning!

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our Rotary Code of Ethics winners for this school year. Eli Gomez Ibarra and Lillian Boatner were nominated for this award based on the criteria of truthfulness, consistency, dependability, integrity, service to and concern for others, friendliness, depth of commitment, and reverence. These two students are excellent examples of these criteria and serve as role models for our entire community. Congratulations!

I hope all of you have a wonderful week!


"Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling."- Bill Belichick

ERHS Sports Physical Night for rising 6th graders!

Please see the information below if you are interested! The physical form is also attached.
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RCPS Video Game Concerns

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has come to our attention that a number of our elementary students are watching and interacting with online games that depict graphic, realistic scenes of violence that are now resulting in children acting out these behaviors on the playground or bringing items to school. We appreciate the fact that children have active imaginations, however, we encourage you to discuss these with your child.

The following is a list of games that may not be intended for children and could be extremely violent:

- Huggie Wuggie

- Cartoon Cat

- Pennywise

- Sirenhead

- Among Us

- Five Nights of Freddy’s

- Friday Night Funkin

- Squid Game

- Dead Pool

- Slender Man

-Hello Neighbor

Even if they are not playing games, similar content may be shared by fans through social media platforms, YouTube and the internet.

Living as ethical, kind, and contributing digital citizens is paramount when inhabiting the digital world--a world that can change in an instant. Due to this ever-changing digital landscape and the need for researched-based, current, appropriate materials for digital citizenship instruction, we encourage you to visit for more information.

As partners in education, we share this information, so you are aware of our concerns regarding these online games. The connection between home and school is so important.

Thank you for your support and partnership in keeping your children safe.

Coffee, Cookies, and Conversations with the Principal!

I would love to invite all of our parents/guardians in for coffee, cookies, and conversation on Friday mornings from 8:30-9:00 for the remainder of the school year. We will gather in the library. Grab a coffee and cookie to go or stay to chat! Thanks to everyone who came out this past Friday morning!

Principal Office Hours!

If you are unable to attend Coffee, Cookies, and Conversations on Friday mornings, but would still like to have a conversation, I will hold office hours most Mondays via Zoom from 3:00-4:00. Simply log on to this link and you'll be placed in a waiting room! You will be admitted as soon as the person before you leaves the meeting. As always, you are welcome to call me anytime at school. I am always here to support you and your child.

The next principal office hours will be held on May 16th!

May Menus!

Wanting to come join your child for lunch?!

Weather permitting, if you would like to come and enjoy lunch with your child, we can accommodate you! We have picnic tables set up on the front lawn for any parent wishing to join their child for lunch. Pease call the school the morning of your desired visit so that we can make sure we have space!
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SOL Testing Dates

SOL dates are below! You will see that the SOL reading tests are split into two sessions. If possible, please try to avoid the following dates when scheduling appointments so that your child can be present on the day of their test. In the event that a student is absent on their test date, they will be able to make up their test. Please call the school or contact your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding SOL testing.

May 12th & 13th- 4th Grade Reading SOL

May 17th & 18th- 5th Grade Reading SOL

May 18th & 19th- 3rd Grade Reading SOL

May 20th- 4th Grade Va Studies SOL

May 24th- 4th & 5th Math SOL

May 25th- 3rd Grade Math SOL

May 26th- 5th Grade Science SOL

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RCPS COVID-19 & Health Plan Information

It is important to work together as a team to keep our children healthy and safe.


  • They have to take any medications to make them feel better or reduce fever

  • They have had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the last 24 hours

  • They have a bad cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, a runny nose that will soil more than 2 masks per day

  • Someone in your household is sick and being tested for COVID

If you think that you have been exposed to COVID, DO NOT send the child to school without consulting the school first.

If you are unsure of household contact or have any questions as to whether or not your child should attend school, please call the office at 540-289-3004 and ask to speak with the school nurse.

Thank you for helping us to keep all of our students and staff safe and healthy!

Transportation Changes- IMPORTANT!

Any same-day transportation changes during the school year must occur before 1:30pm. Please make sure these are taken care of through the office, rather than contacting the teacher, so that we can ensure your child gets home safely! Often, teachers do not have time to check messages and email during the day, so it is important that these changes are communicated to the office. The office will take care of making sure teachers know of the transportation changes.


If you need to contact the office regarding your child's attendance, please call the school at 540-289-3004 or email the school at before 8:30 am. Please include the following information in your email:

1. Student Name

2. Teacher Name

3. Reason for Absence

4. The name of the person submitting the email

You can also use this email address to send Dr. notes!