Exposing Tourette Syndrome

By: Christian Bell

What is Tourette's?

Tourette Syndrome is a disorder which consists of non rhythmic motor movement, vocalization and uncontrolled tics.

(Little, T., 2010)

Category Tourette Syndrome is Placed in

Tourette Syndrome is part of the Neurodevelopmental category. They are involved with the Chronic Motor Tic Disorder group and the Chronic Vocal Tic disorder group.

(Quach, V., 2008)

Characteristics and Symptoms

Vocalizations of sniffing, coughing, and grunting sounds; physical (motor) tics that consist of head and shoulder jerking, rapid eye twitching, facial grimacing, etc. Only about 10% of people with TS have the cursing tic. There are two parts of the cursing tic. Coprolalia (using obscene or unacceptable language). and Copropraxia (Making obscene or unacceptable movements or gestures)(http://www.touretteshero.com/faq/#about-tourettes) What this does for people’s life is makes it harder for whoever has TS less social. It is also harder for them to be able to concentrate on certain tasks always having tics and movements.

Causes of Disorder

Biological, there are certain chemicals in the brain that transmit nerve impulses, those may play a role. Mainly dopamine and serotonin. Although, there is evidence from twin and family studies that suggest that TS is an inherited disorder. It is said that many genes with smaller effects are what play a role in the development of TS. Although, only a few genes with larger effects can do the same thing.

Drug Treatments

  1. The most usable drug for tics and twitches in Tourette Syndrome would be to use antipsychotics. They only calm the tics, not stop them completely. Not only that, there is a treatment called deep brain stimulation (DBS). This treatment involves surgery that place small electrodes in places of the brain that are thought to be involved in generating TS tics.

Therapeutical Treatments

A therapy to suppress TS symptoms is acupuncture therapy. The needles help suppress some of the nerves that cause the tics and the needles are placed where the nerves causing the tics seem to be most active

Prevalence of the Disorder

  1. Million’s of people have in the world are diagnosed with TS but about half a million school children in the US and UK combined are diagnosed with TS(http://tourettenowwhat.tripod.com/People%20with%20Tourette's%20syndrome.htm)

Gender, Age, and Cultural Features of Disorder.

  1. TS affects all racial and ethnic groups, The most common ages to be diagnosed for TS are ranged from 6-17 years, So it most commonly impacts children who then grow older with the disease. It is most common in America but is ranged all around the world.

Famous Person Who Has the Disorder

US Men’s Soccer Goalie Tim Howard has tourettes syndrome
U.S. soccer star Tim Howard on why he embraces his Tourette syndrome


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