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Changing speed and reversing videos

Changing speed and reversing videos are really easy. How to change the speed of the video, all you have to do is double click on the video that you have chosen to work on. Once you do that you will see a turtle and a rabbit, if you want to speed up you move the curser to the rabbit and if you want to get the video slower you move the curser to the turtle. Now if you want to reverse a video you will see a reverse button right below the turtle and you click on it for reverse.


To put your voice in a video after you film is super easy. All you have to do is get into iMovie and click on the microphone. After that you click anywhere and the recording will start. You can simply lower or higher the noise reduction or higher and lower the volume.


Cloning is a lot of work. Cloning you need to film 2 videos of yourself in different parts but make sure you don't move the camera or it wont look real. After you do that you will put 1 of your videos down and put the other 1 on top of it. Once you do that a bunch of options will pop up and you will click on green screen. After that you go to video and go to crop. You need to take the crop out of your first film or the second film will cover over the first film.

Where I got my information

I watched a lot of videos on Youtube and figured some stuff out by myself on iMovie

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because I think editing is really cool. I didn't really know much about editing before I chose to learn about iMovie. iMovie has taught me how to edit well and how to do a lot more stuff.