Standardized Testing

Black-White Test Score Gap

Achievement Gap

The unequal or inadequate distribution of education results and benefits between what students have actually learned and what they are expected to learn at a particular age or grade level.

State Standardized Test Scores Show Little Change

Standardized tests are test in which all test takers must answer the same question in the same way that is scored in a "standard" way. Students from Minnesota didn't show much improvement. There were over 500,000 elementary to high school students who took the test this year. Within the State of Minnesota 59 percent of students statewide were found proficient, while last year 57 percent were proficient. In 2012, 76 percent of students statewide were found proficient. After the year of 2012 there was a significant drop for students within Minnesota. The drop from 76 to 59 percent within two years has caused great concern for many people.

Whites vs. Blacks Standardized Test Scores within Minneapolis

The Minneapolis achievement gap is the greatest in the state. White students scored 50 percentage points more on there reading and math tests then the black students.

No Child Left Behind- How to Overcome the Achievement Gap.

Within the United States there are 34 states whom have a program called No Child Left Behind integrated into their school systems. The No Child Left Behind program is used to make every student in the United States reading and math proficient. The newest inductee was Idaho, they became the 34th state. Various fields of work and people have helped towards the goal of test score proficiency. Their main idea is that all children should have a secure, stable, positive support system. With this idea of more order students should be able to grow, learn, and exceed the goal set by the No Child Left Behind program.
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