Phones in high school halls

should phones be allowed in the halls of our schools?

What does the polls say?

Phones in the hall? Who thinks it’s a good idea and who doesn’t? I interviewed eight high school students and eight adults out of school and the results came back pretty shocking. Seven out of the sixteen said yes, with the main reason being “I think students are responsible enough to control our use of our phones so we aren’t late.” While six people answered no, the only response was “some students aren’t responsible enough to make it to class now, there will be more students late due to them standing in the hall on their phones and what about the students who like to steal? I have a feeling like a lot will be stolen.” The last three were in the middle, their answers are the same “it depends on the location of the school, if it’s in a bad area I would think more phones would be stolen but if it was in a nice area I think they would be okay.” What do you think? Do you agree?

My opinion

Well me personally? I don’t think it’s a good idea. Students don’t know how to walk and be on their phones at the same time, which leads to students standing around the hall, blocking other peoples, and being late to class. With more students being late means more tardy cards and the ISS room will be filled most of the time. I get that us students have grown up with electronics in our life’s, but we don’t need to be texting someone you just saw or are about to see. Same goes for social media sites, no one wants to know what you’re doing every second of the day, especially if you’re supposed to be learning. We are in school to learn, not to be on our phones, that’s something you can do at home. Some students may argue that it will be nice to listen to your music. What about the people who don’t use head phones? Classes will be interrupted by the music and there will probably be music wars.

I don’t really see anything good happening if we were to get that privilege, but everyone has their own opinions so leave yours. Should we be allowed to? Why or why not?