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  • School in Fall 2021
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  • CSD Students Participate In Recycle Challenge

Board Highlights (just the facts)

Re-Opening Plan

Superintendent Jeff Snell updated the Board on our reopening plans noting COVID-19 positivity levels in Clark County continue to rise, however, current trends suggest a flattening of rates. He is hopeful that we are able to continue our current four-day, in-person learning model through the end of the school year.

“The guidance for reopening is pretty clear, however, there isn’t a lot published about when to pivot back to hybrid or remote learning. It is our plan to use both Clark County data as well as the data we collect within our district to inform those decisions,” Snell stated.

Fall 2021

The board confirmed the desire to return to five-day instruction in the fall recognizing the need to create contingency plans to pivot should the state of the pandemic dramatically worsen. For students who elect to continue fully remote learning, Camas Connect Academy will offer highly engaging, interactive, and fully online learning for students in grades K-12. A special information event will occur on May 19. Details will be sent to all families via ParentSquare.

Recovery Plans

Districts across the state will submit Academic & Student Well-Being Recovery Plan districts to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Plans outline steps districts will take to mitigate the learning delay students experienced due to the pandemic. Design principles include:

  • Extension and focused acceleration of existing plans for improvement that are designed to eliminate inequities in student access and outcomes.

  • Particular focus on inequities in our system that were amplified as a result of the pandemic.

  • Student-centered decisions that are accompanied by staff learning and support.

  • Prioritization on moves that ensure we continue to move from a deficit- to asset-based mindset concerning each of our students, their value, and their growth.

Public Comment

Note: Board meetings are available through live stream and archived at bit.ly/camassb. There has been some social media attention about public comments from last night’s Board meeting. A group of parents addressed the Board asking for the State’s requirement for students to wear masks at school to not be followed and for the district to stop its focus on student equity.

The School Board’s goal is to be open and transparent about school Board meetings. All items related to our school board including information about our board members, how to participate in board meetings, agendas, minutes, policies, and meeting videos can be found on our district website under About CSD > School Board. Written comments provided ahead of the meetings are included in the agenda: May 10, 2021, Agenda.

Mill Town Pride

Our principal team was recognized for their leadership this year supporting students, staff, and families. They have met all of the challenges with a can-do attitude and continue to build their school community despite some pretty extraordinary circumstances!

Pictured above: Principals Aaron Smith-DHS/OMS, Julie Mueller-LLE, and Sean McMillan-GVE.

Budget Report

Business Services Director Jasen McEathron shared that actions taken by the state legislature last month will help mitigate lost revenue due to the effects of the pandemic. He indicated the two most significant drivers of our budget are student enrollment and the staffing model (89% of the total budget).

  • Enrollment: We lost 6%-7% of our students since last March 2020. We are seeing positive signs of students returning, however, a high level of uncertainty remains about what our enrollment will be next year.

  • Staffing Model: We are building our staffing model for next year that will continue to provide programs our community has come to expect while staffing at a conservative level given the uncertainty in enrollment for 2021-22.

Would you like to see more? Agendas, supporting documents, and minutes are posted here.

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Around Town

CSD Students Participate In Recycle Challenge

Every year, hundreds of schools across the nation compete against each other to recycle the most plastic film and bags. In addition to providing a better understanding and appreciation for the importance of recycling, The Trex® Company, Inc. happily donates high-performance composite benches to the winning schools. The challenge begins each year on November 15, America Recycles Day and lasts until April 15. Winners are announced on Earth Day.

Several CSD schools participated this year despite remote and hybrid learning. Camas High School, led by Forensic Science Teacher and Green Team Advisor, Alixandra Coker, collected more than 300 pounds of plastic. “That’s a phenomenal amount of plastic to be routed away from landfills and turned into beautiful decking material,” said Ms. Coker. Head Custodian and Green Team Leader, Nancy Stoy, reported that Lacamas Lake Elementary garnered 2nd place nationwide by collecting more than 1,100 pounds of plastic film. The school was again one of the program’s highest-ranking recyclers and selected to receive a special TREX bench. Check it out on their campus soon!

* * * * * *

Hope Joy 2020 Grads SD 480p

Post Grad Interview with Ellie McCarty and Madisyn Scott

Last week, Superintendent Snell had the chance to catch up with a couple of 2020 graduates working in our Camas Community Education, Ellie McCarty and Madisyn Scott. Ellie and Madisyn are both thinking about a career that supports youth partly due to their experience in Camas.

"There’s nothing better than talking with our students or former students about their life journeys," commented Snell. "I encourage you to watch this video. It will bring a smile to your face, AND there’s a special Mother’s Day tribute at the end."

* * * * * *

Big picture

Supporting the Transition to LIfe

As the parent of a senior, you and your child are on the cusp of a major life transition filled with excitement, fear, and hope. Whether your teen is going away to a university, staying home, taking a gap year, or still unsure about the fall, this upcoming change will affect you both.

This workshop will offer insight along with strategies to help your teen be as successful as possible during this next - and most significant - transition towards adulthood. Parenting doesn't end when kids turn 18. Your teen will still need your support and guidance in new ways, but there's an exciting opportunity baked into this next phase that has the potential to bring a more joyful and mature relationship.

Yshai Boussi, LPC, a licensed professional counselor, and owner of Portland Family Counseling, will host. The zoom meeting will be recorded and posted for those unable to participate.

Wednesday, May 12

6-7:15 PM

Zoom - https://bit.ly/CSDwellness

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Big picture

Virtual Parent Workshop: Transitioning to High School

Please join Camas School District's Social-Emotional Wellness Coordinator Jennifer McMillan as she gives practical guidance on how to help your child navigate the transition to high school. Don't miss it!

This Zoom meeting will be recorded and posted on our website for those unable to participate.

Big picture

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