Get Internally exCITED!

How to cite internally in all of your exCITING documents

Basic in-text citation's

~A parenthetical citation refers to the works of others in your text

~This method involves using parenthesis after a quote or a paraphrase for your information

~Any source information provided in the text needs to correspond to the source information written on a work's cited page

~The source information needed in a parathetical citation depends upon the source medium and the sources entry on the works cited page

In-Text Citations

Author-page style:

~Author's last name and a page number where the information come's from and include's a complete source in the Work's Cited Page

~Author's name can be mentioned in the sentence or in parenthesis at the end, page number's will alway's be in parenthesis at the end

Print source's with known author

~Books, magazines, scholory journal articles, and newspapers

~Have a signal word/phrase in sentence- not needed in parenthesis

~Page numbers and author's last name in parenthesis