WEEKLY MEMO 10/25/18

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I wanted to write a quick "Thank You" for all the energy and agency that was a part of the build-up around the Lost Boys presentation. The lessons and conversations that came as apart of this were really fantastic life lessons and I was so happy to see the school take ownership of this opportunity! As a result of several parent and student queries, I am working on ways to continue to build on the issues raised by Hope For Ariang and further develop this relationship.

1. PD BINGO Reflections

2. Halloween

3. Meetings with Evaluators

4. Upcoming PD

5. Newsletter

6. Trivia Bee & Turkey Trot

PD BINGO Reflections

The Meat:

Halloween -

The following announcement will be sent to parents on Monday. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Halloween, Wednesday, we would like to support any student that wants to wear some or all of their costume to school. The 4th grade has a fun Vocabulary Costume Parade prepared that we are really excited about and would like to invite 4th-grade parents to attend at 8:00 AM on the plaza. All other festive wear should be something that can be comfortably worn and traveled in all day. It should also not deter from our primary purpose of teaching and learning. There should be absolutely no masks, toy weapons, or face paint. It is a fun day and a fun time of year!

You are also invited to bring your classes outside on the access road or into the hallways to watch the parade.

Meetings with Evaluators -

Reminder: During this time of year (goal season), I want to ask that all staff set up a time with the evaluators to have a 1-on-1 conversation about this year. This conversation can include goals (professional and personal), MCAS analysis, student concerns, PD, big picture ideas for the school, etc.. I feel that it is important to have a dedicated dialogue around how our year has started and where we are going! Please set these up individually and before 11/15.

Upcoming PD -

If you have not already please take a look at the PD line-up in yesterday's email and sign up for what you plan to attend. Thank you!

Big picture

The Potatoes:

Trivia Bee and Turkey Trot -

Both of these events are coming up! I have started a team for the turkey trot, it is called "Mill Pond" please join! Both events are looking for participants!

Newsletter -

Please read the parent newsletter. Be aware it is a little "corn"y.

The Sweet Stuff:

Enjoy Your Weekend!