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This is What's STATPening

...There will NOT BE Choice PD on Monday

Things you can do instead of attending a Choice PD:

Bake some cookies, wrap some presents, drink hot cocoa, cuddle up with a loved one, call an old friend, take a nap, watch a movie...breathe.


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Belinda, Melissa, and Kerry

PS: January 4th will be BCPSOne Updates and January 11th will be a Faculty Meeting.

Looking Ahead...Professional Study Day on January 19th

BCPS has sent out their list of PD for 1/19...

check here to see what you will be attending that day

If your content or subject is not addressed above, there will be a school-based PD provided.


PARCC practice tests and sample questions

  • a lot more information will be coming on PARCC and our preparation for PARCC, but here is one website that you can use to begin familiarizing yourself with practice tests and sample questions
  • WHAT I LOVE: you can create your own practice tests based on the standards you want to address and it provides the students with immediate feedback

Math Curriculum Enhancements


  • Check NEWS and UPDATES folder periodically

  • Click on Teacher Overview under each Unit to see everything you will need for the unit (Pacing Schedule, I Can statements, Everyday Counts calendar math activities, the Standards aligned with the Essential Skills- unpacks the Standard, and how the Standards will be assessed during that unit)

  • Digital resources: Optional pre-assessments and proficiency levels for pre, assessment resources

  • Vocabulary Cards

  • Wixie Activities within BCPS folder in Wixie

  • Videos for additional small group instruction


  • Same file folder structure within BCPSOne: News and Updates- videos on how to assign Pearson digital assets, webinars

  • Teacher Overview: Pacing Guide, I Can statements (One pager), Unit at a Glance: suggestions for assessments, Assessments componants

  • Pre-Assessment is designed to give you real, meaningful info about what your kids know and what they don't know: answer keys can give you info on how the child might be thinking based on answer that they gave

  • Videos on how to assign Pearson digital assets

  • Long range planning documents, specifically, story problem routines

  • Small group differentiated activities- ideas for what to use for different levels

Lesson Tiles Tips

Did you know that you can COPY LESSON TILES to other dates?

Once the first tile is created...

1. Hover over the tile

2. Click on COPY

3. Change the date in the box to the date you want to COPY the tile to


Bulk Reschedule of Lesson Tiles

You can take a group of lesson tiles from a week or few days and reschedule all of them for a different date or dates.

You can ADD WIXIE as a tile...(not the activity, but Wixie itself)

When you go to CHOOSE ACTIVITIES in the lesson tiles, click on My Publishers: click WIXIE.

This will add Wixie into your tiles, not the specific activity, but provide a more organized way across the day in your tiles.

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^^^3 Credit Charlotte Danielson Course^^^

...on the new teacher evaluation system. This will help teachers collect artifacts for evidence of their own highly effective teaching.

STAT Cohort meeting at Bear Creek

This past Wednesday we visited Bear Creek ES. We were looking at evidence of coherent, small group instruction? Let's reflect. What is COHERENT small group instruction? What are the non-negotiable attributes of COHERENT small group instruction?

It is defined through Charlotte Danielson as:

· Coherent instruction brings together a teachers’ knowledge of the content, knowledge of their students, clarity of instructional outcomes, and knowledge of resources.

· Coherence means that there is alignment between the instructional outcomes, the activities, the materials, the methods, and the grouping of students.


The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Thanks to Susie, Terri, and (soon to be Melissa) for spreading Christmas cheer through music! It really does brighten your day to hear the students singing and playing instruments.