Introducing Beautycounter

Mission: To get safe products into the hands of everyone.

Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better

Have You Heard of Beautycounter?

Have you heard of Beautycounter? If this is the first time, I'm so excited for you! If you have heard of it, maybe you will learn something new!

Beautycounter is an amazing company whose mission is to get SAFE products into the hands of everyone. They are doing this not only by providing safe products, but also through educating consumers about the lack of regulation in the personal care industry, and by partnering with organizations that are working to change that.

Below are facts. But they seem so ridiculous that they are hard to believe.

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My Story

Since having kids I have become more aware. I'm more informed about where our food comes from, the chemicals in my children's personal care products, the materials we use. I try to buy organic veggies, pastured eggs, grassfed meats. I scrapped all the plastic in our kitchen for stainless steel. But up to this point, I kind of came last when it came to making the best decisions for my own personal care products. Always for my kids, but me? Who had the time to research all that too?

When I was introduced to Beautycounter a couple of weeks ago and read about their mission and products, I thought FINALLY! A company that thought like me, cared about the things I did, and took all the legwork out of it for me. A one stop shop where I could feel confident about the products I was buying for my kids AND me.

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If I was going to be stranded on a desert island and had to pick three products to have with me it would absolutely be one of the Lustro Oils (probably #2 because that one is for dry/mature skin), the Nourishing Cleansing Balm (true miracle worker in this Midwest weather - use it as a makeup remover, or as a nightly mask, dry skin healer…), and the Protect Sunscreen. Though I am equally obsessed with the shampoo and conditioner that we offer as well as the Tint Skin Complexion Coverage, all our makeup.... You truly can't go wrong.
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Every Little Bit Helps.

It can be overwhelming to worry about what's in our food, our household cleaning products, our skin care and personal care products. We can't change everything…but every little bit helps! What if you just changed a product or two? Imagine the positive effects that would have over time. And imagine the message that would collectively send to the market.

Beautycounter in the Press:

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Support the Movement

  • Browse or purchase products and get more information on my website - Products can be purchased directly from my website, or through a one-on-one consultation. They can also be purchased through small get-togethers (Beautycounter calls them "socials") which could simply mean a couple of us meet up for happy hour and I bring some products along.

  • Ask me for a "face kit!" This will be a set of products I lend to you for 4-5 days, so you can try them yourself.

  • Join me. I would love to have you as a business partner. I really believe in this. You'll earn commission, get a discount on your own products, but most importantly, you'll help CREATE CHANGE.