Notes from Andy

Monday 31 March 2014

Congratulations Jason M and Lisa on their new addition, Max - fabulous news!!!!

Thank you everyone for getting ARR Grades in. Spare a thought for Design who had extra work to sort their stuff out - through no fault of their own. Thanks to Michael and Gemma. Jason and all staff who attended Year 8 and 9 camps. This was a trial - combining the weeks so we will review that and see if it is worth persisting with.

... to Joe and Adrian and all personal project supervisors for your work leading up to and including this week. We all look forward to the exhibition.

Share the "Good Stories"....

This week and i hope she doesn't mind, Natalie K shared with me a good news story about Miranda Skinner. It hasn't all been smoothe sailing for her but this was a fabulous story for her - having accepted a very good university offer, she was recently offered another. Her response to Natalie was appreciative and very genuine.

If you have similar stories, shoot them around to staff if its appropriate. Doesn't have to be Yr 13 - could be any year level. Perhaps title the email "Good story - student's name". That way staff can open in their own time.

Have a great week...

"Let's look out for each other"