Energy News Update!

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Please Help!

Your knowledge and skills are needed for a very serious task and you have 4 weeks to provide a detailed solution. We know that you are the best people for the job and can give us a quality product. Gather up into your teams and get ready to use those brainstorming and research skills that you have learned during the first semester of the IED course. Prepare to be a private consulting company for an evironmental protection agency. Please view the videos below for background information and your special assignment!

Background Information

Your Special Assignment

PBL4: Oil Spill Tracker, Mr. Houston

Presentation to Panel

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 8am to Friday, Feb. 20th, 4pm

1808 Sampson Street

Houston, TX

For Support:

Remember to contact your bosses, Dr. Hall and Mr. Mendoza, if you need more information.

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