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Hello! This is a monthly...ish newsletter to provide you with information from the Media Center and Technology Tips. If you have ideas or requests for information, especially Tech Tips, let me know!

How Can I Use a YouTube Video, but Not Have All the Ads and Related Videos Showing?

Use www.safeshare.tv There is a link below to a 1 1/2 minute tutorial on how to use it. You can also customize the background that shows behind the video and select just a clip of the YouTube video to show (instead of trying to have it play at just the right time). These safeshare.tv converted videos can be a short-cuts on your desktop or folder or they can even be downloaded as an MP4 movie.

Safeshare.tv is a free resource.

Using Share Safe TV

Creating a Group (formally distribution list) in Outlook 2010

Would it be helpful to create a group email list instead of always writing out each recipient's name? If so, follow these instructions. The instructions will explain step by step how to create a Group and also how to manage a Group (add or delete members but nothing about behavior...).

Using TIES Depot for Personal Technology Purchases

TIES Depot is a resource for purchasing hardware and software for school or personal use. Prices are competitive or better than other outlets.

After clicking on the above link, you would click on the "Home Office Store" and set up an account if you don't have one already.

A Sample of New Books in the Media Center

One of the easiest way to access the materials in the Media Center is to create a Resource List and email it to Dawn or I. We will pull the books for you. Your resource list could be on curriculum topics, thematic topics, good read - alouds, etc. Let us know what you need!

Multimedia Computer

In the old WW, the multimedia computer was across from Dawn; now it is next to Dawn, so she is able to assist who's working on it.