Artist Investigation

Due at the end of class Fri 11.15.13 or Mon 11.18.13

1. Sign up!

You will sign up for an artist on the sign-up sheet that Mrs. White has. No 2 students can sign up for the same artist. The goal is for you to learn something new, so do not choose an artist that you are already familiar with.

2. Investigate

You will be finding out as much as you can about your artist. Here is the Rubric/Handout.

Remember that any information you glean should be:
1. From a reputable website. Remember- not everything online is true!
2. In your own words- NOT COPIED!
2. Cited- Use to put your sources in MLA format.

Smore or powerpoint

If your parents have allowed you to create an email address, create an account on the website.* This is quick and simple. For your last name, just put your last initial.

~Sign up on, and click on "class." Follow the prompts to change the design, layout, colors, etc.
~Only put your first name on your smore page- no last names
~To insert pictures, you have to use images from the Gale Reference library and World book. Save the picture to the desktop first and then drag it to the picture box
~Remember to include the "Works Cited" section somewhere near the bottom, and put your sources in MLA format, using
~To make your page live, click on "Done editing"
~To let me know that you are done, you must submit your link to the blog page on my webpage

*If you are not allowed to have an email address, you can create a powerpoint presentation instead of a smore.