North and South Carolina

By: Betzy Herrera and Arturo Hernandez

Form of Government

  • North and South Carolina are both royal colonies run by the English government.
  • Our English government is wealthy because it is ruled directly by the King.
  • Royal Colonies have a representative assembly that is elected by the people.


  • North and South Carolina has a incredible agriculture and plantation system.
  • We trade goods that we don't grow such as shoes,lace, thread and so much more.
  • Our most successful cash crops are Tobacco, Rice and Indigo (a purple dye).
  • We have the largest slave population than anywhere else.
  • You don't have to do any work because we have slaves that can do the work for you.


  • North and South Carolina border the Atlantic Ocean to the east.
  • States like Virginia and Georgia have high rates of diseases that can spread rapidly due to their extreme hot weather.
  • Our colonies have the warmest weather out of the three regions. It doesn't get too hot or too cold, the weather is just right.
  • You are able to grow crops throughout the whole year which lets you be flexible with trading and much more.
  • There is much more land for us to use here in Carolina, unlike England, there is hardly anymore space to grow crops or reconstruct new houses.


  • Here in Carolina, we are not dominated by a specific religion.
  • You are able to have religious freedom which in other colonies isn't acceptable.
  • We sell and trade food like fish,wheat,corn,and tobacco that we grow and fish in the rivers.
  • We export foods like tomatoes, turkeys, beans and corn to Europe.

History of North/South Carolina

  • North Carolina Virginians, founded in the year 1653.
  • South Carolina was founded by Eight Nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II, founded in the year 1663.
  • In 1729, seven of the Eight Nobles sold their shares to King George II, King George II took over the colonies and became Royal Colonies.