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No Meat and wine with Buddhism

Any kinds of meat and wine is prohibited by law. They can not eat pork, beef, lamb, fish and so on, because Buddhists do not kill any life in the world. Sometimes, they cook vegetables and try to make it tastes like meat.
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A special procedure before cooking

Buddhists do not kill any life, so they don't want to kill microorganism as well. Before cooking vegetables, they always wash it so many times and make sure that most lives escape from death. Afterwards, they may boil vegetables or do another steps.
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Buddhism Holidays

Buddhists celebrate Buddha's Birthday. They usually eat dumplings, rice, vegetables, and would also drink a little bit wine for remembering Buddha.

Another important festival of Buddhism is Laba. Most Buddhists eat Laba congee, which have different kinds of solid food, jujubes and nuts in it.

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Not all people observe these dietary laws.

In China, there are so many people whose mom is a Buddhist, but his dad is not, so he is a half Buddhist in his mind. Sometimes, they drink wines and eat a little bit seafood, but they don't eat meat. And after a long time, monks are less and less in the world.
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