Ms. Angle's Kindergarten Newsletter

Success=Parents+Teachers Helping Kids Learn Sept. 19-23


We are working on writing stories in our journal for next week. It will be so fun. We learned the difference between letters, words and sentences. As we learn more letter sounds we should see more writing in class.

Shared Reading

We will be reading Fall books during Shared Reading time. We have been (and will continue to be) focusing on concepts about print. Simply described, CAPs are book-handling and reading readiness skills such as the front cover, back cover, title, title page, words, ending punctuation and the like.

SIGHT WORDS -- words we have learned so far:

I, a, we, like

We have started mentioning these words briefly. Once we are finished with Alphabet Boot Camp we will do more with our Sight words. This week we will focus on the letters: Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, and Ss.


Unit Three will start some time this next week. We will be working on numbers to ten, counting and one-to-one correspondence of counting.

Just for Parents and Grandparents:

Mid Terms went home on Friday. Please read them over, sign and return one copy to school.

LET"S FIND OUT -- green page sent home

I sent a slip home concerning our "Weekly Reader" or "Newspaper" called Let's Find Out! It is an exciting real-world weekly publication we will start using. It is $6 for the entire year of Kindergarten. Please fill out the form and send your child's money this week or next week. The kids are going to love it.

Once you pay you will be sent information for you to access neat online items and articles at home too. If you are able to help out with a "scholarship" for those kiddos who can't bring in $6 please let me know. I will personally make sure ALL of my students receive the newspaper even if I have to pay for it. Thank you for always supporting the school and our classroom.


We are currently in need of labels (the kind you can print on) and colored paper. IF you are willing to donate any of these items that would be great. Thanks!


20- Lucas

21- Reid

Important Dates:

Sept. 30: Spirit Assembly 8:30