Unpaid College Athletes


The NCAA and College Athletes

For years, many companies have depended on the free labor of unpaid interns to increase their overall profits. The NCAA is no exception. At nearly all campuses, football and men’s basketball are big money making sports and at many other colleges women’s basketball and baseball are also prime money making sports. It is unfair that the athletes who produce the revenue receive no money whatsoever. In 2012, the top ten universities alone made nearly $500 million from their athletic programs and the NCAA made another $700 million.

Stuck with the Bill

It is every athletes' dream to one day graduate from high school and play for his favorite college team. But all of those dreams can be crushed in the blink of an eye due to injuries during training or a game. "You sign your letter of intent, you're so excited to come play, you get to achieve a dream of playing college football. I don't think anyone comes into college thinking about, "What happens if I get hurt?"", said Schaefer, an offensive lineman from Maryland. Hundreds of athletes just like Schaefer have had injuries that are season and potentially career ending injuries that not only stop them from pursuing their dreams but leave them with enormous medical bills.

Intern Justice

To find out more about the law and the facts and the economic realities that control college athletics, contact us to speak with an experienced labor law attorney in New York.

Raise Awareness to Unpaid College Athletes

Friday, Dec. 19th, 4:30-5:15pm

1 Mcdonough Plz

West Haven, CT

Come out to the West Haven High School court yard and show your support. Help us get our signatures to give the money to college athletes that they rightfully deserve.