Not a man..A Tubman!

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Interesting Facts!

1. The faithful Harriet Tubman earned the nickname "Moses" after the prophet Moses in the Bible who led his people to freedom.

2. The enthusiastic , and brave Harriet Tubman also worked for the Union Army as a cook, a nurse and even a spy.

3. Although helpful, and happy Harriet Tubman was a disabled person. She had Narcolepsy or sleeping spells. She could fall asleep any time and any place. This was caused by a severe blow to the head by a 2-pound iron weight thrown at another enslaved African, but it hit Harriet Tubman in the head when she was 12 years old.

4. The ambitious, and daring Harriet Tubman made countless trips to the North and to Canada to help guide 300 slaves to free areas.

5. Though Inspiring, and brilliant Harriet never learned to read or write. Regardless of her own abilities, she recognized the importance of education and pushed for education for all.