The Blake Buzz

Week of December 14-18, 2015

Dear Staff,

We can do this! We only have five more days before we all get some much needed rest, family time, and just time to breathe and enjoy life for two weeks off! I know that you are exhausted and the students may be more challenging to manage this week. Remember, the countdown to Winter Break is not so fun for many of our kids. Keep in mind that many of our households are financially struggling, and Christmastime does not bring joy to several of our families. Talking about typical Christmas topics, such as wrapping presents, baking cookies, decorating the tree, and celebrating holiday traditions, may not be fun to all of our students because they do not get to enjoy these things. To maintain good behavior this week, be mindful to keep routines and procedures the same, keep teaching rigorous standards-based lessons, and minimize games and holiday crafts to your celebration times on Friday. I don't want anyone to be a Scrooge, but we have lots to teach and they have lots to learn!

Thank you for being positive role models in our students' lives. You mean the world to many of them, and they love coming to school because of you!! I hope that all of you are planning to come to our Staff Party tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. so we can celebrate the season together.

Upcoming Events



Bring a snack to share if you would like to participate. See flyer for your assigned date.

  • District Proficiency assessments taken by students

15-16 PTA Santa Shop 10am-1pm


  • Staff Ugly Christmas Sweater Day- We will pose for a picture together at the Staff party that begins at 4p.m. A prize will be given for the ugliest sweater. Be creative!
  • All-staff Holiday party in the library. Bring a $10 (suggested) wrapped gift to exchange if you would like to participate in the White Elephant gift swap. We will also celebrate Becky Moore's retirement with cake and punch. The Social Fund will purchase a gift for Becky.
  • JCPS Principals' Meeting


  • Grading Period Ends
  • Teachers update grade books
  • School Wide Sing-Along by Christmas Tree 2pm/Holiday Parties 2:30-3:30pm *If you have students who do not celebrate Christmas, please let their parents know we are having the singalong. If they want them to miss this and/or any parties you are having, let Mrs. Glenn and Ms. Covington know so we can make arrangements for them to have an alternate setting.
  • Turn in Blake Angel tree gifts to Jill Banta.
  • Pay Day


  • Basketball game at The Brown School at 9:45 a.m.


  • Winter Break-No School


Our Superhero of the Week is Diana Heckel!

Diana Heckel is always positive. She is such a hard worker and great team member. She got a new student this week so she now has 25 students. She continuously works hard, gets everything completed, constantly stays after to put in extra time and makes sure all of her students have all needs met! (Nominated by Maddie Jenne)

Other Nominees:

Yvonne Oerther is not only a super reading teacher, she is a super friend and coworker. She was a wonder helper to me this week. She helped make sure myself and others had as much help as she could give with DRAs! She has always been such a role model for me. I love Yvonne! (Nominated by Pam Monhollon)

Reneé Johnson has been a wonderful team player. She has many students pulled from her class for interventions. This week, I needed to pull kids extra for DRA testing. Never once did she complain or huff and puff. She was (and ALWAYS is) very flexible with her scheduling and doing what is best for her kids! I appreciate her great attitude and flexibility when I'm working with her students. (Nominated by Venita Burnett)

Sarah Wiljanen helped gather funds this week to give to Heather and her family. We are praying for Heather and appreciate Sarah helping us coordinate getting snacks and gift cards while she and baby Jude are in the hospital. (Nominated by Whitney Price)

Kathy King is always willing to help anyone with anything without hesitation and always with a smile. Kathy helped out in the cafeteria when we were shorthanded this week, but that is just one instance of when she helps out. Thank you, Kathy! You are awesome! (Nominated by Jill Banta)

Melissa Culver's sense of humor during a stressful work season is so appreciated and an under-rated superpower. Im really blessed to work with Melissa. Her wit and wisdom (and even her lizard pranks) keep me from getting too stressed out! Along with an incredible work ethic, she is an irreplaceable teammate. (Nominated by Meg McDonald)