By. Lauren Cagle

How many friends do you have?

A. Less than 10

B. 10+

C. 20+

D. Can't count

To me it looks like people have too many friends. 40.7% of people said they can't count all of their friends. I would rather keep my circle of friends small to deal with less drama.
Have you kept the same friends since 6th grade or changed?

A. Kept

B. Changed

C. Little bit of both

D. Realized who was worth keeping

Most people realize who is worth keeping and who is not.
Do you like meeting new people?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

D. Don't know

People like meeting new people sometimes... I guess it just depends on their mood or if the person looks good or bad.
How would you describe your friends?

A. Funny

B. Stupid

C. Natural

D. Serious

Most peoples friends are funny.
Would you change your friends?

A. Yes, I would get rid of some

B. Yes, I would get rid of some and change some

C. No

D. Don't know

Looks like most would NOT change their friends. Even if they drive each other crazy or are bad people.