La Clase de Español 1

Mrs. Smith's Spanish 1 Class

Welcome to Spanish 1!

In this page you will find information that will be useful throughout the year like tutorial times, helpful websites, class expectations, grading policies, and more. I can't wait to get this year started and see how much Spanish you can learn in one year!
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All students are welcome during tutorials. My tutorials will be Tuesday-Thursday mornings from 7:54 - 8:15 and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment.

Tests and quizzes should be made up during tutorial times.

Grading Policy

Learning a foreign language involves communicating in different modes; therefore grades will be broken down into those modes. The three modes of communication are Interpesonal, Interpretive and Presentational.


Minor Grades -(50% of 9 Weeks Average)




Major Grades -(50% of 9 Weeks Average)

At least 1-Interpretive



Late Work:

Turn in your work on or before the deadline..

    • Work turned in on time = max 100

    • Work turned in 1 day late = max 70

    • Work turned in 2 to 5 days late = max 50

    • Work turned in 6 or more days late = 0


Check with Google Classroom, if it is possible, finish the work online and speak with me before or after school or email me for more details and other work.

Being absent 1 day allows you 2 days to get all your make-up work done/turned in/etc. If you are absent 2 days, then you will have 3 days to complete and turn-in make-up work, and so on. It is the STUDENTS' RESPONSIBILITY to take care of missing assignments, tests and quizzes. Mrs. Smith will not hunt you down to get it done.

Useful Sites

FM9 Spanish Department Website

Here you will find info about all the Spanish teachers on our campus. Infomartion about our curriculum, performance descriptors for the language and expectations for the level of language acheivment for each class level. You can also find out depratment grading rubrics for interpersonal and presentational tasks.

About Mrs. Smith

I have been teaching 10 years. This is my 5th year at Flower Mound where I teach Spanish 1 and 2. I am also the head cheer coach. I look forward to a great year and I am excited to see your student learn the Spanish language.