Diego Hernandez


Getting There

On the way their I took a plane their that was 1,509 dollars that it took 19 hours to get get there to Rio Brazil, We left on saturday dec 20 and came back on december 27. While taking 3 flights to washington D.C then to brussles Belgium,Then to rio brazil.


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Where to Stay

The hotel i'm staying at is the belmond Copacabana Palace is $449 for one night and $3143 for all 7 nights. That was right next to the beach.



Activities that you could do is you can go to the beach and get a tan or go and get eaten by a shark. Also you can go to the pool and swim, or you could take a hike to the cristo redentor statue on top of a cliff.
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One problem that you could run in to is you can get lost while taking a hike in the jungle. Or you can forget that your money is different than it is here and not be able to pay for any of the items there. The money they use in brazil is called brazillian real.
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I chose Brazill because me and Josh decided to go their, to see the world cup in 2014, Also we wanted to go their because we wanted to and see the Cristo Rendentor. Also so we can be at the beach in copacabana right next to my hotel.

About the Traveler

I really wanted to go to Brazil because i wanted to see the world cup and see the cristo redenor. And to be on the beach.

History of Brazil

The history of Brazil started in 1500 when Pedro Alvares Cabral discover the piece of land.