The Giver Projects

By: Becca

Choice #1 Day 3

Choice #2 Day 6

My Dream: I just entered a grass field and there was a cow and I asked her where I could get a milk shake. She told me the Milk Shake Shack right behind me had really good milkshakes. So I turned around and the song 'Milkshake' turns on but there was no Milk Shake Shack behind me. Then the cow ate me and I was in Super Mario Bro World. Luigi was shaving his mustache and riding in a red car plane chasing after me. I went and jumped on one of the green tubes and I got transported to a different Mario place. I had to race against other people and not die, like the Hunger Games, and I was the last one standing against Bowser's cousin. Bowser was mentoring me and his brother was mentoring his cousin. Then Bowser turned on me and they all tried to kill me because I won and got the final star. They said that the game would end once I got the final star. Then right before he struck me with his hatchet I disappeared to a lake out of the cows butt. People across the lake sent notes and messages over a parasail and we communicated back and forth. Then I woke up.

Choise #1 Day 9