Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism Summarized Tate Peterson

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Because Buddhism did not defy the ancient Shinto religion, and had the support of Prince Shotoku, the religion spread very quickly in Japan. At first only the nobility of Japan had interest in Buddhism, but as China kept trading with Japan, the religion started to become popular with the common people. Because the religion agreed with the other religions of Japan, Buddhism evolved and formed many subtypes of Japanese Buddhism.

Some of Buddhisms top contributers

Zen Buddhism

Beginning in the 1100s, Zen became the more powerful and more accepted subsection of Buddhism. The popular belief was that simplicity and self-reflection was more important than ceremonies and scriptures. The Zen religion focused on simplicity and meditation causing a great impact on Japanese culture.

1.How did the Japanese adapt Buddhism.

2.How was Japanese Society affected by Buddhism.

Buddhisms Effect on Japanese Life Today

Here is a video that shows how much Buddhism has affected modern day Japan
Buddhism in Japan