Israeli-Palestanian Conflict

By: Daniela Salman

Why did the Israeli-Palestinian conflict start?

After World War 2, the British controlled Palestine and they decided to split the region between Palestine and the Jewish. The Palestinians and Arabs both did not believe they should have to give half of their territory away, so violence and conflict began.

Why has it continued?

The Jews then proclaimed their independence and started to remove the Palestinians from their land. Little by little the Jews have been seizing more land and killing and destroying of homes have been caused because of this. The issues of religion and land property has still not been solved, so the conflict continues.

What are the key issues that must be addressed for it to end?

For this conflict to end, key issues such as Israel recognizing a Palestinian sated within the borders of the pre-1967 war have to be addressed. Palestinian refugees that have been forced out of their country need to have the right to live in Palestine again. The countries need to come to an agreement without violence and war. Killing, destroying of homes, and forcing people out of their country needs to stop and the issues have to be addressed.