Online Safety Awareness

Klayton Kopet H2 C 7

To Many Dumb Posts

People who say that they are going to eat breakfast at the Pine cone, seriously, nobody gives a crap. Why do you post that stuff? Nobody cares about their problems about working, etc, Do you want White Van Studios stalking you? I don't...

Snapchat stories

Don't post weird stuff on your snapchat stories, for example, people will post "Great party having such a great time!" then ten minutes later they will be all, "Life is over man, life sucks right now." If you're gonna post stuff, NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!

Livestreaming on facebook

People who live stream on Facebook just talk about how their lives are full of problems, and they have a beef with everyone, there's something called a guidance counselor, maybe use one of them, instead of 300 people on Facebook, WHO DON'T CARE!
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