ELA Terms To Know

April Jimenez

Connotation VS Denotation


●ᴥ● The meaning of a word that Is associated with emotions.


"The lazy bum sat on the curb all day instead of looking for a job"


●ᴥ● The Meaning of a word taken literal or from the dictionary.


"The relaxed homeless man sat on the curb all day instead of looking for a career."

❧You can remember the differences by thinking about D in denotation as D in dictionary.

Simile VS Metaphor

●ᴥ● A simile is using the words "like" or "as" to compare something to another thing.


❧"She is as pretty as the sunrise!"

●ᴥ●A metaphor is non-literal meaning to resemble to something else.


❧"When his mom found out he was lying, he turned as hard as stone"

Different Poems

●ᴥ●Lyric Poems-

These poems are often used with rhythm and mainly associate with love and emotions.


❧William Shakespeare- Sonnet Number 18

Different Poems

●ᴥ●Epic Poems-

These poems are long and mostly consist of tales and or culture.


❧Virgil- Aeneid

Different Poems

●ᴥ●Narrative Poems-

These types of poems are formally used to explain a story. they have a narrator that tells the story.


❧Walter De La Mare- The Listeners

Commonplace Assertion, Option, Fact

●ᴥ●Commonplace Assertion-

This is when a statement is true according to most people, but can not be backed up with facts.


❧"You're not supposed to go swimming right after you eat!"


This is the personal view or choice a person has on a topic.


❧"I don't like my mom! she wouldn't let me get a puppy!"


This is a statement that CAN be backed up with information that is true. is also statistics.


❧"Did you know that human thigh bones are stronger than concrete!?!"