Different Learning Styles

Visual Learning

Visual learning is where people will learn easier through seeing things and this will be represented as things such as pictures and demonstrations. People will be able to easily pick things up and remember them through this method. This could help people with personal development because people could show you different methods of body language and then you will be able to pick it up easily and use it yourself.
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Auditory Learning.

Auditory learning is where you will be able to learn easier through listening. An auditory learner will use speech and hearing so they can learn easier. People will have to listen to what people are saying and they will be able to understand this clearly and will know exactly what to do. These learners may have some problems when it come to instructions that have been wrote down. This will help with personal development because you will be able to work better when you are given verbal instructions so it will be easier for you to carry out these instructions because you understand it better.
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kinesthetic Learning.

This is the type of learning where people will carry out activities and they will learn through this. People who learn through this are known as do-ers because they prefer to do things rather than listen or watch. This will help personal development because this would be useful when you are putting together computers or servers and in generally are building or fixing computer systems.
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