Beatrice Morales; World Geography, 11/05/14

Places to go Visit!

Places in Chile you can go visit.

There's a lot of places that you can go visit in Chile. These places are very beautiful, and enjoyable, especially the food.


The religion that the majority of the people from Chile follow is Catholic which is about 61%, 17% protestant or Evangelical, and 3% of another religion.


Chile' official language is Spanish.

If you want to say "Hello" in Spanish you just say "Hola".

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Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups in Chile are white and non-indigenous are about 88.9%, Mapuche 9.1%, Aymara .7% and the rest is other.

Customs and Traditions

Domingo de Cuasimodo-is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

La Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen, and also Fiesta de la Tirana.

Music, Dances, and Food

The music over there is mostly folkloric, there's also a folkloric dance too. There's different types of food and some of them is Beef Empanadas, Chilean Corn Pie, and Coquito.


January 1, New Years Day-Chile welcomes a new year with the rest of the world.

May 1, Labor Day or day of the worker- Celebrate economic and social contributions of workers.

July 16, fiesta de la Virgin Del Carmen-feast celebrated by Catholics

September 18, Independence day- Chile officially proclaimed independence from Spain on February 12, 1818.

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